A typical beer label should illustrate the unique features of the brew as well as attract customers.   In a competitive market where the volume of craft beer varieties is on the rise, designing an impactful visual identity is no mean feat.  A truly inspiring design should reflect the flavour and personality of the carefully crafted contents.  Micro brewers are encouraged to opt for professional design support when searching for the perfect eye catching portrait of their beer.  The outcome of this small investment is more likely to successfully launch your brew into prosperity than a homespun doodle.

We specialise in branding and we’re passionate about beer, we welcome your invitation to take your craft beer to the next level.  Contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you.

Here are a few examples of SA Craft Beer labels that we like:*

Jack Black’s Brewing Co


Focussed on distinctive quality and innovation, their beer is made from the finest natural ingredients at their state-of-the-art Cape Town craft brewery. At Jack Black’s Brewing Co they are dedicated to brewing beers that inspire us. Their focus is flavour and our philosophy is to innovate while staying true to traditional, hand-crafted methods.


Friar’s Habit Craft Brewery


Friar’s Habit is an All-Grain Craft Brewery, striving to design and brew world-class craft beers.


Darling Brewery


One of South Africa’s first well established and award-winning microbreweries since 2010, they brew a wide range of great craft beers that are loved for their flavour, high quality ingredients and slow brewing process. Each beer in the range has unique characteristics and an inspiring story dedicated to the endangered creature it honours and supports through various conservation programs they donate to.


Big City Brewing Co


Studio MUTI created the logo and labels for Cape Town, South Africa’s Bold City Brewing Company. The illustration style and muted color palette are both well executed and atypical enough for the beer aisle to get these two beers into plenty of consumers’ hands.


Frasers Folly


Fraser’s Folly is the most southerly craft brewery in Africa, based at the Black Oystercatcher Wine Farm. From here, Fraser Crighton and his team brew a range of innovative, fun and refreshing craft beer. A winemaker by trade, Fraser moved to the Western Cape of South Africa in 2010. Frustrated by the lack of selection of beers, he swapped his trade, and became a brewmaster instead. Today, Fraser’s Folly is known not only for its innovative paper packaging, but also for its range of smooth-tasting beers.


Stellenbrau Brewery


Stellenbrau Brewery owner and founder, Deon Engelbrecht struck gold when he made the decision to venture into the world of craft brewing.


Legends Brewery


Legends Brewery is all about real beer. For real people. People with a sense of adventure and an unquenchable thirst for genuine hand crafted premium beer.


Cape Brewing Co


CBC became a reality when the Swedish brewer, Henrik Dunge joined the team of two beer enthusiasts, Charles Back and Andy Kung and helped to put their words into action to establish a brewery that makes beer as it should be made — in  true craft style. It was agreed that only the finest ingredients would be good enough for their beer.


Smack Republic


The brewery is situated on the east side of the city at the Arts on Main building in Maboneng – one of the oldest buildings in Jozi. This urban setting, entrenched in history dating back more than a hundred years, provides a fitting backdrop for Jozi’s first micro brewery in the city.


Mad Giant


Mad Giant was born from the desire to conquer the world, to make a difference and to take chances with no fear of the outcome. Our beers are bold, audacious and brewed to smack a smile on your face.



Craft Beer doesn’t get craftier! Copperlake Breweries has 8 signature brews and a commercial brewery in Lanseria. The brands latest addition – a Brewpub in Broadacres allows craft beer fans the opportunity to get the 8 delicious brews on tap 6 days a week!

* Crunchy Apple Design did not design the above labels, however, you’re welcome to join us in celebrating great design.

At Crunchy Apple Design we specialise in branding and we’re passionate about beer, we welcome your invitation to take your craft beer to the next level.  Contact us today if you would like us to design your craft beer label, we look forward to hearing from you.