Why not consider embracing a digital detox this year in the hope of achieving a healthier balance between real life and technology? Our reliance on the Internet and our mobile devices is proven to be negatively impacting our personal and working lives.

In the spirit of setting achievable goals, you may choose to either switch off completely for one day a week or every evening from 7pm.  The benefits are that you will be spending more quality time with your family and have a better chance of winding down – which leads to better sleep and improved focus when you are awake.

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Addicted to email?

By checking your email after work or on weekends, you allow your working week to become 7 days.  Unless it’s not formally in your job description, you do not need to be connected 24/7. Trust me, email was not designed to improve your self-worth or importance. Responding to emails at night only tightens the inbox pressure valve the following morning. Realistically, how important are you that all your inbox or whatsapp emergencies can’t wait until the following morning?  If you’re not sure, take this up challenge and, after 7 days, carefully consider the list of all the emergencies and opportunities that you missed. Unless you’re Batman, you should be staring at a blank page.

I just gave you back 25 hours during your week and 34 hours on your weekend. Happy New Year! #DigitalDetox