What smartphone do you use? How often do you use it? Does it help you? Does it bother you? Can you live without it? Please take the time to consider your answers to these questions before you pass one of these on to a younger member of your family. With smart phones increasingly appearing our daily activities, I’m not sure I need to spell out the benefits.

However, there are three vices that you need to be particularly mindful of:

  • Internet access
  • Screenshots
  • Camera

By having a clear connection to the Internet, we have the capacity to become instant publishers. This huge responsibility is not always that obvious. In South African law, as soon as someone else sees your content on the Internet it is considered published. Just as a parent teaches their children how to safely ‘cross the road’, so too should we be making sure that they understand how to safely exist within the public space, social media included.

Thanks to smartphones’ capacity to take screenshots, all forms of communication can now be transformed from being transient to permanent. Do not think that deleting something means that its truly gone. If someone has a copy, i.e. screenshot, of it then it still exists and the content is remains relevant.

The inclusion of a camera into our ‘smart devices’ has turned everyone into celebrities. The compulsion to share photographs both of ourselves as well as our communities can easily fuel the degradation of our right to privacy. After you have taken a photograph, how often do you ask the subjects for permission to publish it? Can you prove it? Having a right to privacy is part of our universal human rights. In Germany, people are not allowed to post photographs of children on social media – to avoid embarrassment.

Tune in for more tips and tricks on how to be #CyberSavvy with Crunchy Apple Design – making sense of it all in a digital world.